Belkin 10-Watt Charger for iPhones with Extra Gimmick

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Belkin has launched new wireless 10W chargers today, with the Boost Up Charging Pad and Boost Up Charging Stand available in three colors r Charging stand has a unique design.

Already announced at the CES 2018, the two new Boost Up wireless chargers have 10 watts of power. At the moment, iPhones can only charge 7.5 watts, while most Android smartphones will be able to use full power.

The stand works with the iPhone in both portrait and landscape modes and can also be loaded with enclosures up to 3mm thick (excluding metal enclosures). Most charging cradles make it hard to use the iPhone properly when charging. That is different at least with the one Belkin solution (state). The smartphone can also be used here – for example, to watch a series – when it is being charged.

Belkin’s Boost Up Charging Pad costs $ 60. The Boost Up Charging Stand is sold for $ 70. Both wireless chargers are available from Belkin and Amazon.

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