Beoplay E8 Under Test: These are the first true wireless headphones from Bang & Olufsen

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But first the facts: the E8 baptized model comes in he load box the size of a small kiwi, covered with caressing leather. The earplugs themselves are made of aluminum, which means that the weight is only 6 grams (left, slave) or 7 grams (right, master). There is the E8 in neat black / silver and noble anthracite / bronze, which baptized Bang & Olufsen “Charcoal Sand”. Inside, there is a 5.7-millimeter electrodynamic driver, and an omnidirectional microphone is also installed. Although the case seems large at first glance, thanks to its idiosyncratic shape it also fits into small earcups. To ensure a secure fit in the ear canal provide different sized ear tips made of silicone (XS, S, M, L) or one of Comply foam (unfortunately, only one in size M included).

The first contact with the Beoplay E8

Before earphones are used for the first time, they first need to be supplied with energy for a short time. To do this, we put them in the charging cradle where they are magnetically held in place and connect them to a power source via USB. A LED in the case indicates the charging process of the earplugs, on the back of the casket two pleasing discreet LEDs provide information about their charge status. The earphones in the case can be fully charged twice before it needs to be re-powered itself. When fully charged, the E8s last for just under four hours.

After about 10 minutes, the E8 are ready for a first pairing with a smartphone, which runs smoothly thanks to the Bluetooth 4.2 and intuitive Beoplay app. Then a gentle touch of the control panel on the right earphone is sufficient to start a playback – a further tap of the finger stops it again. Other touch patterns control volume and playback, control phone calls, and enable voice control. These “Morsecodes” are intuitive and quickly learned. As a special feature, a tip on the left panel activates the so-called transparency mode. If this is active, environmental noise is picked up by the microphones and transmitted to the ear. If desired, they can be mixed with the playback. There are three levels of intensity in the app.

So good are the Beoplay E8

Let’s get to the most important thing, the sound: As already mentioned, the Beoplay E8 sounds superb and amazing already at the factory voluminous. The heights are detailed, the middle pleasantly soft and neutral. They separate well from the bass, which makes you wonder how it can come from such small and light earphones. The listening experience becomes even more intense when the app’s equalizer is used. Four settings are given, others can be created as desired and saved under your own name. A coordinate system continuously adjusts the sound from “warm” to “excited” to “relaxed” to “bright”. There is some point deduction for the voice quality in telephone calls. It could not keep up with the AirPods in the test.

Like all products from Bang & Olufsen, the E8s also have their price. The Danish luxury manufacturer demands 300 euros, which seems a lot compared to the 180 euros for the smart Apple AirPods. In view of the quality of workmanship required and, in particular, the excellent sound, the 120 euro surcharge for audiophile music enthusiasts is justified.

           Product Note

B & O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 First Class 100% Wireless True Wireless Bluetooth Headset – Black


Test result
Product name Beoplay E8
Manufacturer B & O Play
  • First-class sound, high-quality workmanship, transparency mode
  • Voice quality on calls

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