3 Best Extensions for Chrome and Safari Which Are Actually Useful in 2018 and 2019

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Plug-ins, Extensions, Add-ons: Extensions provide many new features to browsers. We’ll regularly introduce you to the most useful, fun, or just the funniest add-on tools for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


Nearly every common web browser has the possibility to automatically fill in forms on the net if desired. Fillr replaces the browser routines: The smart Chrome extension not only allows the entry of address and credit card data, but also complements it with passport and driving license data, the employer and the tax number. Of course, you can also manage multiple addresses if you also use your computer for professional online orders. Those who now fear the complete data sale, the developers reassured by a reference to a 256-bit AES encryption according to PCI guidelines from the banking industry. The plug-in stores its data locally on the computer, an optional synchronization via Dropbox. tr

Availability: Chrome


If you spend your time in front of the Mac at night, you know the problem: Bright websites continue to strain the already tired eyes. Nightlight helps by obscuring such pages. The extension will be active in a freely selectable period. With the help of a “blacklist” you can enter pages to basically dim them. On the other hand, in a whitelist you collect the exceptions that are to be displayed unfiltered at any time. With a keyboard shortcut you can activate Nightlight at any time. jk

Availability: Safari


Resizeme helps you make the most of your screen space by giving Safari a certain size. Using buttons below the toolbar, you can bring the browser to iPhone dimensions or fill the screen with one click on one of five standard resolutions (640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024 or 1600×1200). The function of the button can be defined; For example, setting the window size to a specific format. ! Jk

Availability: Safari

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