Best Fitness Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV

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With a little bit of fitness, you do not lose much of your fitness Influence on one's own health. This is true not only at the turn of the year, when the "good intentions" are taken, or in the spring, when the days are getting longer and rising temperatures make longer activities in the fresh air possible. The minimum requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) can actually be easily integrated into any daily routine. And a smartwatch like the Apple Watch helps to give the necessary impetus.

If the WHO goes by it, a daily 30-minute movement target can be perfectly adequate. In addition, sedentary activities should be interrupted on a regular basis in order to get the circulation going.

When designing the Apple Watch, Apple bases its efforts on fitness and health. Apple seeks to be close to the customer - and gets it too: The Apple Watch recognizes arrhythmia with a 97-percent accuracy. Snorers are identified to 90 percent. Hypertension and diabetes still over 80 percent. These are the results of Boston University's "Framingham Heart Study" and University of California San Francisco's (UCSF) research that will be launched at the beginning of February at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-18) Subject Artificial Intelligence were presented.

Apple revolutionizes healthcare with Apple Watch and iPhone

The biggest challenge for medical research is finding study participants. Thanks to the iPhone and Apple Watch, however, it will be easier to carry out meaningful medical research and, above all, to attract many participants. Apple was helping to carry out the largest ever Parkinson's study ever. Current projects include autism, epilepsy, concussion, sleep disorders, and depression and skin cancer.

Keep moving

Before serious health problems occur, a bit of exercise and weight training can not be wrong. Concrete goals such as participation in a fun run can also be motivating. With an Apple Watch or a running app such as Runkeeper, it's easy to get going and literally stay on the ball, as the apps automatically run a training diary and illustrate improvements. So that the training does not become too one-sided, you should install units for strength and coordination. There are also excellent apps for the iPhone and Apple TV.

A short barbell workout builds muscle. Yoga strengthens the torso and back and cardio units bring in pulse in momentum. Many exercises are even possible without aids and devices. Even a daily walk is effective.

Targeted weight loss, however, requires more than exercise. If you want to lose weight, you always have to look at the diet and get shorter. Often, sugar is already hiding in the fruit juice or in the milk coffee.

Health as a Game

With the iPhone and an Apple Watch, initial successes for more physical activity can be achieved almost playfully. The trick is the small impulses in the form of virtual rewards. The Apple Watch hosts a little color fireworks display when all three moving targets are reached in one day.

Streaks Workout is about keeping the ball rolling and keeping the series of achievements intact while using an app how "Zwift" transports the monotonous bike training on the roll into a virtual wonderland.

Still, the Apple Watch and its fitness apps need to get even better in the future - for the simple reason that we will not exaggerate our efforts , Because then the sport leads to injuries that force training breaks or in the worst case, the change of sport necessary. In WatchOS 4 Apple is already observing the recovery phase of its users, but does not yet show this data. Garmin's sports watches are already calculating the recovery time required after workouts.

Until then, we look forward to supporting "kudos" in the Strava community and the virtual "Apple Watch Activity Achievement Badges", that show us we're on the right track.

The Activity app shows more than the circles to complete for the three fitness goals of moving, exercising, and standing, such as a cardiovascular workout captured by Apple Watch.

Fitness Trainer for the iPhone

Garmin Connect: Information and inspiration

Behind almost every GPS watch stands a web platform, which can also be used as an app. But unlike Runkeeper, Runtastic and Strava, Garmin Connect needs a sports watch, a bike computer or a fitness tracker (like the Vivosmart from Garmin) to record the fitness data. As a platform, Connect creates the link between in-depth analysis and personal fitness plans that do not fit a dial. In addition, you can use the app to set some clock settings faster and load workout plans and extras.

             Download on the App Store

Garmin Connect ™

Developer: Garmin International

Virtual Trainer Dumbbell: Virtual Weights Lift

As an app for dumbbell training only, Virtual Trainer provides tutorials on 65 individual exercises that you can put together to work out on muscle groups if you are not in the prescribed range Want to workout. Times and repetitions are individually adjustable. The app estimates the total time needed and accompanies you through the exercises. The correct movement is visible on the iPhone. Between the work units, her virtual dumbbell trainer builds pauses of 30 seconds.

             Download on the App Store

Virtual Trainer Dumbbell

Developer: Virtualtrainer Sweden AB

Pedometer ++: Every step counts!

As one of the first apps Pedometer ++ - the original name of the app - used the built-in pedometer in the iPhone 5s. Since then, the app reads the data from the motion coprocessor and keeps a daily overview of the available data. Since the motion sensor in the iPhone stores only seven days past, you should start the pedometer app once a week. The current version merges captured motion data with the Apple Watch, so the iPhone can stay put. As a special feature, Pedometer ++ also allows a day of rest.

             Download on the App Store

Pedometer ++

Developer: Cross Forward Consulting, LLC

Strava: Getting more out of the sport

What does not stand with Strava did not happen. The data is recorded either with the Strava app on the iPhone or transmitted from connected devices such as Garmin, Tomtom, Suunto or Fitbit to the online service. Strava also supports Apple Watch Series 2 with GPS.

Strava sees itself as a portal and community for active athletes, offering its paying subscribers in particular comprehensive statistical analysis including performance and individual training plans tailored to personal performance are.

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Strava GPS Running & Cycling

Developer: Strava Inc.

Fit on Apple TV

Streaks Workout: Fitness Without Monthly Fee

Streaks Workout is a great app for getting started in regular exercises, all of which are unattainable with your own body let execute. Choose from a range of exercises for different muscle groups and do a short or longer workout each day without committing to a monthly gym membership.

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Streaks Workout

Developer: Crunchy Bagel Pty Ltd

Runtastic Results: 180 HD Videos

Originally, Runtastic was the typical iPhone app for runners. The program is aimed at fitness fans who want to turn annoying kilos into muscles. To do this, the app shows with more than 180 HD videos how the exercises are performed correctly. Introductory exercises are free. A 12-week training plan costs, but also unlocks the running app.

             Download on the App Store

Runtastic Results Fitness App

Developer: runtastic

Asana Rebel Yoga Fitness: Yoga in front of the telly

There are many yoga studios, but with a mat and an app you train the combination of flexibility and strength with meditation and asceticism in front of your own TV or iPad. The app of the Berlin start-up keeps on rehearsing all exercises and demands the annual fee of your membership after the first taster hours - as in the studio.

             Download on the App Store

Asana Rebel - Yoga Inspired Fitness

Developer: ASANAYOGA GmbH

Zwift: kicking with program

During bike training on the "Rolle" you feel like the hamster in the wheel. But the training software Zwift turns the dull kicking work into a video game, simulates various route profiles on a smart trainer and transports one's own training into a virtual world with real training partners - but at a sporting price.

             Download on the App Store


Developer: Zwift, Inc

Still Fitter Thanks to Apple Watch

Workout: The workout app shows you the most important metrics during a workout. So you always know if you have already reached your destination. In addition to running, cycling and swimming, Apple also provides interval training and rowing as well as other sports. Finally, you enter Yoga as "Other" and finally name the session itself.

Activity : Daily progress shows the Apple Watch in the Activity app. The goal is to close the rings shown by "burning" a certain number of calories, "exercising" for at least 30 minutes, and stopping sitting activities twelve times a day by standing.

Standing: The standing ring indicates the hours in which you got up and moved in the room for at least one minute. Achieve your daily "goal of standing" by getting up once an hour twelve times a day and walking for at least a minute. Even if you stand the whole day, you still have to actively walk.

Breathe: As an exercise to relax, Apple Watch includes the Breath app, which lets you consciously focus on breathing to relax. Take a deep breath. If you answer a call or move during an exercise, the exercise will automatically stop - and you must repeat the relaxation exercise.

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