Beta 1 of macOS 10.14 is available


In macOS 10.14 Mojave, there is now an application-overlapping Dark Mode, which should protect the eyes, especially in a dark environment With the Dynamic Desktop, a feature has been added that adapts screen backgrounds to the time of day. Desktop Stacks, on the other hand, are designed to make things tidier at the desk and pack files, applications, and the like in batches, sorted by date or file type, for example, and flipping open when clicked.

The Finder has editing capabilities for photos and photos Integrated videos to prevent additional programs from being opened during routine tasks. Also PDFs can be created in this way. If you want, you can also extend the finder with Automator actions. New screenshot functions should also be helpful, which can now also trigger the iPhone camera and integrate their images directly into a document. So you always have a scanner for your pocket.

The iOS Apps News, Stocks and Voice Memos, as well as the Home App have also found their way onto the Mac. These are the first results of a project to be able to run or port iOS app on the Mac. However, the Mac and iOS should not merge, said Apple.

Privacy should be improved in Safari on both macOS 10.4 and iOS 12 and tracking capabilities should be reduced.

Apple has also redesigned the Mac App Store, so it looks more like iOS. With Create ML, developers can use a new machine learning program to train AI models. In addition, macOS 10.14 now supports APFS on Fusion Drive.

Beta 1 is currently only available to paying developers with the right profile on their Mac.

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