Bicycle Helmet Lumos Flashing While Moving Apple Watch

The bicycle helmet Lumos started as a crowdfunding project and is now available without risk in the Apple stores , The helmet is equipped with a connection to the iPhone and the Apple Watch and uses the smartwatch to detect hand gestures. Then reacts the built-in helmet turn signal.

The bicycle helmet Lumos is littered with LEDs to make driving in the dark safer. Besides, he is equipped with turn signals. A total of ten white LEDs were installed on the front, 38 red LEDs on the back, and 11 yellow LEDs.

In addition to an enclosed radio remote control for the handlebar, which serves the turn signal, there is also an Apple Watch App. This recognizes hand gestures. If the user sets a turn signal with his outstretched left hand, the helmet flashes to the left. If, on the other hand, the left hand is raised vertically, it flashes to the right. In the future, the Lumos or the sensor of the iPhone should also recognize whether the driver brakes and should then flashing to the warning, the rear LEDs on the helmet to turn off the turn signal again. The accompanying iOS app will also record the route and enter the data into Apple Health or the App Strava.

Unfortunately, the helmet is only available in one size fits all adults with a head circumference of 54 to 62 cm. The Lumos weighs 380 grams and costs 180 euros. There are either online at Apple or in any Apple Store.

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