Big Order: 36,000 iPhone 7 for New York Police

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New York Police Department (NYPD) officials may use a new implement. You can choose from the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus. The smartphones are said to support the police in their service and replace outdated Nokia devices with Windows Phone. First, Manhattan officials receive their new smartphone.

According to the New York Daily News, each district is being equipped piece by piece, with as many as 600 iPhone 7 or 7 Plus being handed out and the police being briefed each day, officials appearing to be able to choose their own screen size. After Manhattan should follow Brooklyn and then Queens.

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Emergency calls and real-time video

Notifications of distress calls are now received by officials over the mobile phone, even before they are transmitted by radio. Even real-time videos can now be transferred via iPhone. Overall, the reaction time of the NYPD has been reduced by the use of smartphones by 14%. In addition to the pre-installed applications, a special NYPD app is also installed, which provides the officers with additional information about incoming emergency calls. For example, the police directly know if there were any emergency calls from this address in the past and what it was about.

Already in 2014, former police chief Bill Bratton launched an initiative to give every New York policeman a smartphone to hand over. So far, Nokia Lumia 830 and 640XL were used with Windows Phone for about 160 million US dollars. The operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft since June 2017 and urgently needs to be replaced. The devices are now collected, deleted and sent back to the manufacturer.

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