Bitcoin exceeded the $ 8,000 threshold after traders suspected George Soros's entry into the market

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Bitcoin reached $ 8,089 on Friday at 15.20 am, recording an increase of nearly 8% over the minimum reached at the end of March. The jump is associated with a possible entry of billionaire George Soros into cryptomonas transactions, Mediafax reports.

"Serious money comes into the market for the first time," said Jeffrey Van de Leemput, an analyst at the Cryptocampus trading platform, in an e-mail. "A few days ago I helped establish a 200,000 Bitcoin transaction for Chinese buyers … Soros enters the market, from now on we will see the beginning of the real bubble."

George Soros, the billionaire investor who named cryptomones "a balloon" in January, said last week that he had authorized his family office to trade $ 26 billion in digital assets

Friday's increases also occurred among Bitcoin's rivals, with Ethereum gaining more than 12%, Ripple rising by nearly 20% and Litecoin rising by nearly 10%.

Virtual coins have had a startling year, with significant value crashes. Today, the battle has moved into the area of ​​their acceptance by the top financial companies, but also in the beer of the way they will be regulated and, implicitly, accepted by the financial market participants.

The peak for Bitcoin was reached in December 2017, when it was quoted at nearly $ 20,000. Bitcoin has reached $ 11,000 on January 29.

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