Bitcoin had the worst T1 in its history in 2018, with a 45% drop

Bitcoin had the worst T1 in its history in 2018, with a 45% drop


According to experts, Bitcoin is on the right track after his weakest first quarter, recording a loss of over $ 114 billion, marking a drop of more than 45%, according to Mediafax

The decline of the Q1 2018 quote is the largest of the similar times in the history of this cryptomonade, dropping from more than $ 13,000 on January 1, to less than $ 7,000 in the past week

Another major decline, with a fall of nearly 38%, was recorded in 2014, according to data provided by CoinDesk, which is targeting the Bitcoin price since mid-2010.

CNBC analyzed the virtual currency price performance in the first trimesters of each year starting in 2011. Bitcoin recorded a decrease in 5 out of the 8 tracked trimesters, including the current quarter of 2018.

The biggest increase in the price of this cryptomon was 599% in the first quarter of 2013.

Bitcoin also saw a sharp rise in 2017 when it reached a record high of $ 19,000 at the end of last year

However, in 2018 he faced a more rigorous regulatory intention, which led to the destabilization of the cryptomonas.

Italy's central bank leader said after the G20 meeting in Argentina that digital coins pose risks but should not be banned, according to Reuters.

Using bitcoin allows people to go over banks and over other traditional payment processes to buy goods and services directly. Banks and other financial institutions have been worried about the association of bitcoin with money laundering and online crimes

Earlier in March, Microsoft's founder Bill Gates said the virtual coin anonymity is not a good thing because they can buy drugs, finance terrorist attacks, or money laundering, according to the BBC. The founder of Microsoft has said that cryptomonas anonymity prevents authorities from removing money laundering or financing terrorist attacks. He believes that the current speculative wave of initial cryptomonas (ICO) offers is extremely risky for long-term investors.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency invented nine years ago, the course of which fluctuates freely and is not supported by any government or central bank.

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