Joseph Stiglitz, the reputed economist of the Nobel Prize for Economics and one of the most respected university professors, is not a fan of the virtual bitcoin

Stiglitz called for the virtual currency to be "outlawed", saying it was used primarily for illicit purposes, such as money laundering and tax evasion, according to Thought .

During an interview with Bloomberg Television at the meeting in Davos, Stiglitz explained that bitcoin is trying to solve a problem that did not even exist until the cryptomonas.

"We have an exchange engine, it's called the US dollar," said Stiglitz. "We can trade this coin. Why do bitcoins people want? For discretion. "

The banking system can successfully implement digital payment methods, Stiglitz added, "but that's why you do not need bitcoin."

"I think if criptomoneda is regulated in such a way as to stop money laundering and other things, no one will be interested in bitcoin," Stiglitz said. "The regulation of these abuses regulates, in fact, the disappearance of the bitcoin."

Cryptomonda's price collapsed recently, after having reached $ 20,000. The decline was caused by the bitcoin regulation in countries like China and South Korea

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