Bitdefender BOX was officially launched in Romania. Whose the device addresses, how much does it cost and how this "control point" works in intelligent homes


Bitdefender has officially launched the BOX device that protects against computer threats from all smart home appliances such as: smartphones, PCs, sockets, switches, lamps, TVs, thermostats, security cameras, or air conditioners connected. For most manufacturers of these equipment, security is not a priority. Recently, news has been made about a major US casino database that has been compromised by an intelligent thermometer from an aquarium.

Bitdefender BOX was designed to work in the best scenario along with the existing router in the user's home if it is a model from a trusted manufacturer. BOX can, however, also perform router functions if needed.

When it comes to the second generation, the security device connects directly to the cable through which the Internet enters the home, then the router is connected to the BOX with another cable. Simply, the Bitdefender acts as a filter on a pipeline or security point at the entrance to an area (the user's home network).

Bitdefender BOX is Bitdefender's first hardware product and protects against computer threats both traditional devices (phones, laptops, tablets, PCs) as well as other types of Internet-connected gadgets, such as those listed above. BOX blocks all insecure or dangerous URLs to protect users against phishing and online fraud attempts. The vulnerability assessment module scans, identifies and continuously highlights the weaknesses of the network in terms of security. The device identifies and blocks attempts to exploit network device vulnerabilities. When a new device connects to the network, Bitdefender BOX detects it and sends an immediate notification to the Bitdefender Central application so that users can control the actions allowed for the device. Moreover, the external attack prevention system inspects internet traffic and indicates any attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in smart home appliances, including attempts to crack passwords.

The device addresses primarily, according to Florin Talpeş, the founder and chief executive of Bitdefender, to families who have at least one gadget connected to the internet in the home.

Smart home market is at an early stage in our country, but in some western markets Bitdefender has launched BOX's media-connected gadgets in its home, it's 15 devices, according to Talpeş. That's why Bitdefender expects to sell only "a few thousand units" BOX in the first year in Romania

In Romania, Bitdefender BOX costs 1,000 lei, and a one-year license is included in Bitdefender Total Security. After the first year of use, the subscription will cost 300 lei for 12 months. Those who do not want to extend it can still use BOX as a router but without security features

The product will be available in the exclusive month of eMAG in the first month and will then be available from the Bitdefender site and authorized partners

The device is produced in Romania, in Satu Mare, in the Zollner German factory

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