Bitdefender launches Bitdefender 2019 suite of solutions


Bitdefender has launched the Bitdefender 2019 family of security solutions for the Bitdefender families. The new product integrates behavior-based technologies, promising to stop computer criminals before the attacks take place and protect the user on all fronts

Bitdefender 2019 products bring innovations such as Network Threat Prevention, which monitors all ways to attack the system: prevents exploitation of vulnerabilities in the operating system or installed programs, detects and blocks brute force attacks, and protects sensitive interception attempts when they are transmitted unencrypted.

Ransomware Remediation technology provides a new level of protection against threats that block user data and then asks for reward to give them access. It identifies the types of behavior of the ransomware, makes copies of the files and restores them, thus canceling any unwanted encryption effect

" Bitdefender has been at the forefront of IT security from the outset, setting new standards in every generation of products. With the new anti-ransomware technology from Bitdefender 2019, we are able to protect users using technologies that until recently have security professionals just dreamed "said Ciprian Istrate, vice president of consumer solutions at Bitdefender

With autopilot mode, Bitdefender's solutions adopt a proactive behavior that makes the silent partner so far a personal IT consultant, suggesting to the user functionalities that might be useful for better personal data protection

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Bitdefender 2019 brings other major improvements through Advanced Threat Defense, a feature that closely monitors active applications and programs to identify suspicious behaviors and intervenes to prevent infections. Improvements to Web Attack Prevention prevent users from navigating to dangerous sites before accessing them by checking search engine results. </p>
Anti-phishing and anti-fraud technologies block legitimate legitimate pages trying to evade passwords or card numbers, and Bitdefender Safe Files prevents unauthorized access to fundamental-purpose files </p>
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