Bitmain Announces First ASIC Miner Compatible With Ethereum Coin, A Few More Effective Than PC Video Cards

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The speculative bubble that pushed the price of PC graphics accelerators to stunning looks seems to be close to breaking after the major virtual coin generator has announced the launch of a new ASIC miner compatible with the EtHash algorithm used to generate the Ethereum and derivatives thereof.

With the first deliveries scheduled for July, the Antminer E3 is described as having 180MH / s processing power, attaining about 800W of energy. Thus, the $ 800 device would be several times more efficient and cheaper than PCs equipped with graphics accelerators for games.

Starting from these prerequisites, it would be logical for virtual miners to phase out current equipment in favor of ASIC miner devices, earning even more money from more efficient generation of virtual coins. In fact, there are already fears that new devices might become useless before the market, the company behind Ethhereum denouncing an attack on the EtHash algorithm, designed to put virtual coinage into the hands of a few companies interested in an expansion on an industrial scale.

The fact is that unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum and its derivatives are based on cryptographic technologies that can be adjusted at any time, and there are ways to make it less efficient or even block the operation of ASIC mining equipment. Anticipating this possibility, Bitmain manufacturer warns buyers interested in the Antminer E3 equipment that the purchase decision is at their own risk, and the company will refuse any requests to waive the already placed orders and return the money. Unlike PC video cards, ASIC mining devices can only be used for the activity for which they were designed, and the inappropriate failure can turn the investment into total damage

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