Bixi, Funxim and Co – The Interesting Kickstarter for Apple Users

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Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow clever minds to use their visions to be financed by private individuals. Not infrequently, this results in product innovations that allow a view of future trends. We put together the most interesting current tech gadgets for you every month. Currently these are Bixi, Funxim, the Quartz Bottle, Fishball, Nommi and Eoz Air.

The principle of crowdfunding

In crowdfunding (crowd = crowd, funding = financing) or swarm financing, developers present their idea on an internet platform. Interested parties can then participate financially in the project – either in the form of donations or by directly buying and paying for the product. After successful financing, production will start.


The iPhone is a fine thing – as long as you do not have to use it in the car. Even the voice control via CarPlay and Siri does not always work safely. Bixi, on the other hand, is a sensor that reacts to a wave by hand. Without touching the iPhone touch screen, you can take calls, select call partners and switch between songs. And thanks to the Bluetooth connection you do not even need an active internet connection.

Price: 99 US $, Web:


Apple has declared war on the cable and supports the Qi standard for inductive charging. The Funxim station comes before Apple’s proprietary AirPower solution and charges iPhone (from model 8) and Apple Watch simultaneously side-by-side with Qi-compatible Android devices – and according to the manufacturer, even if the devices are in a cell phone case. Even the quick charge function of the iPhone 8 and X finds support. With this price, it should also easily undercut the Apple original.

Price: 32 US dollars, Web:

Quartz Bottle

Let’s be honest: Reusable water bottles are hard to clean, stink quickly and are true bacteria biotopes – in short: they are disgusting! Not the Quartz Bottle: Just press a button and the elegant water bottle, available in five colors, gets rid of 99.999 percent of all bacteria by UV light. And every four hours, the ultraviolet radiation automatically cleans the water. The insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12 hours. Well then: Cheers!

Price: Starting at $ 99, Web:


No question: The iPhone has an impressive camera. Dumb only that it does not allow 360-degree shots. This is exactly where the fishball camera comes in: just plug it into the camera lens of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus or the new iPhone X. All photos and videos with resolutions up to 4K land directly in the smartphone memory and can be easily shared for example in online social networks. A round solution at a fair price.

Price: from 99 US $, Web:


Traveling outside of Europe can result in expensive roaming charges. Nommi helps save money: the mobile 4G hotspot router connects to mobile carriers in more than 100 countries thanks to a virtual SIM card, ideally delivering LTE speeds up to 500 MBps per second. If there is a public Wi-Fi nearby, Nommi uses it automatically and for free. Incidentally, it serves as a Qi charging station for the wireless “refueling” of iPhone 8 and X.

Price: from 120 US dollars, Web:

Eoz Air

Ever since the success of the AirPods, the range of True Wireless headphones has increased on a daily basis. With its “Air” models, the Catalan manufacturer Eoz wants to form the current spearhead: The audio transmission is thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology high-resolution, the battery is up to 52 hours run time and before losing the light weight wants to protect an earhook. The chic design crowns the in-ears available in six colors.

Price: from 159 US $, Web:


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