BlackBerry "Athena" seems to be the second generation of KEYone


BlackBerry KEYone was not a commercial success, but it has demonstrated to brand fans that there is still room for a full-featured mobile keyboard. It seems, however, that TCL has sold enough units to launch an improved version after the two special KEYone editions released last year. The new phone is currently known as the "Athena" code and seems to be an evolution of the model last year.

Images with the new device arrived on the Internet thanks to "/ LEAKS" (slashleaks) a reputable source of unofficial information about new mobile devices. These seem to be three-dimensional renders, not pictures with the real device, but they describe just about all the main elements of the phone. The biggest difference to KEYone is the integration of a dual camera system on the back, this being the first time we see such a configuration on a BlackBerry device

The keypad seems to be largely unchanged, while the back cover is still covered with a rubberized plastic surface. The display seems to be as large, in an unusual format, less tall than we can find on today's smartphones. The metal frame is very different, leaving the rounded edges in favor of a more "straight" design with bevelled edges. The jack jack has not disappeared, this being located at the top of the phone. Also, beneath the display are the capacitive navigation buttons, something I have not seen in recent years on modern devices

We do not know how the new phone will be called on the market, but there are already rumors that would call it KEYtwo. This could be the last "traditional" premium device on the market, with most manufacturers focusing on borderless displays, display cutouts and glass constructions. We do not yet know what hardware will integrate the new BlackBerry Athena, whether it will be launched or how much it will cost. Most likely, the KEYone model will feature the mid-range premium hardware and an affordable price.

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