BlackBerry Key2 Lite appears in a spy image. Will be the cheapest QWERTY keyboard phone

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The "Key" smartphone series in the BlackBerry portfolio seem to meet most of the old fans' wishes, offering a premium physical keyboard and hardware, but they tend to be more expensive than other non-keyboard models with similar performance. To offer a device that is appealing to those with limited budgets, BlackBerry seems to be preparing to launch Key2 Lite a similar design in design, with a lower price

At the moment we have concrete information about Key2 Lite hardware, the only source of device information being Evan Blass's Twitter account. He has already published a first real photo with the phone, so it's very possible to see an official announcement in the near future, as there are already physical units. The Key2 Lite is called inside the BlackBerry with the code name "Luna" and will approach a wider variety of colors.

Like the new iPhone it is rumored to be delivered in many colors the new BlackBerry Key2 Lite will be available in red, blue and silver shades. It is not clear whether there will be a "normal" version with a black or white frame. The image appears to be the red version of the device, the back cover remains black

While we can not know with certainty what hardware will integrate a Key2 Lite, we can speculate that it will probably be based on a snapdragon 400 chipset, as the current model is delivered with the Snapdragon 660, and switching from 660 to a 639 or 625 would not make such a big difference in production costs. It is also very possible that the dual camera system uses less performance sensors.

Since the BlackBerry Key2 now costs $ 650, probably the price of a BlackBerry Key2 Lite might be somewhere on to $ 400, a price still high enough for not very high performance. Surely however, the strong point of this device will be the physical keyboard, which can become " the cheapest QWERTY keyboard phone on the market ". At the same time, it will be one of the three that can be found in stores at the time, the other two being KeyONE and Key2, also produced by BlackBerry / TCL

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