BlackBerry Motion and its nano-diamond screen tested for durability


Launched in October last year, BlackBerry Motion has received praise for its well-established construction and finishing quality. But how tough is the new smartphone delivered by TCL, the manufacturer of BlackBerry hardware?

As usual, these burning questions responded by destroying the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, using a sharp blade cutter, special tools for testing scratch resistance and a lot of hard work

BlackBerry Motion benefits from similar in-home hardware with KEYone. We are talking about a Snapdragon 625 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage space and a 12MP camera. The screen is completely new, based on an IPS panel with a 16: 9 aspect ratio, diagonal 5.5 "and Full HD resolution. Under the display we find a Home button with the BlackBerry logo, which also integrates a fingerprint sensor

Novelties are IP67 water resistance, the same level of strength as iPhone 7 and 8 and a 4,000 mAh battery, which should provide top-of-the-range autonomy, given the hardware configuration available. At software level, we are dealing with Android 7.1 customized by BlackBerry in Canada, which benefits from the DTEK business-oriented security system

Equipped with the DragonTrail Glass shield, which includes a "nano-diamond" layer for scratch resistance, the 5.5 "screen does not seem to be more protective than Gorilla Glass-shielded alternatives. It remains to be seen, if not, the extra layer of protection can provide better resistance to wear accumulated over time

BlackBerry Motion uses a high-quality metal frame and glass to protect your camera and biometric sensor. Power / Volume keys are also made of metal. The back cover is made of polycarbonate and has a textured pattern, providing scratch protection and improved adhesion

The construction on the metal chassis provides impressive physical strength, the attempts to bend the carcase have no permanent effect. Unfortunately, metal surfaces can scratch on contact with sharp, or abrasive objects.

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