BlackBerry Tests Android One "Oreo Update for Keyone

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BlackBerry KeyONE was a return to the design of the smartphone manufacturer, but so far the Android software personalized by Canadians does not seem to have received the right attention. While the phone has been on the market for over a year, it has not yet received an update to Android 8.x Oreo. Fortunately, however, good news is announced for the near future, as Keyone has been integrated into a beta beta testing session for Android 8 that could also integrate the phone into Android One

All BlackBerry KeyONE units are still running Android Nugat with the DTEK security system . This software integrates interface customizations that better match the unusual format of the device, but its integration into Android One suggests that the software delivered in this beta will be "cleaner." However, given that BlackBerry's "corporate" application is the reason why the price of this phone is still quite high and seems to be an important part of the full package, it may still be available after the update.

However, integration in Android One does something very important: security updates for at least three years from launch . Thus, if vulnerabilities are detected in the Android operating system, whether or not it has been upgraded, the phone can be safely used throughout its entire life.

Unfortunately, beta testing for Oreo on BlackBerry KeyONE is not open to all users. This is only available on invitation basis, which can only be acquired by signing up on the official website. Enrollment does not guarantee participation.

BlackBerry recently launched the second generation, Key2, which comes with Android Oreo from Factory. It's too soon to see how quickly these devices will be upgraded to Android P, which could be released next month, as it's been over a year since the launch of Android Oreo, and it's just now that it's in a test phase on Keyone .

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