Bluetooth in-ear headphones as a rival to AirPods

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The Acme BH406 are in-ear headphones that come with the included charging cradle itself has a rechargeable battery, be recharged. In that sense, they are not different from Apple's AirPods. The black box (white at Apple) also ensures that no earplugs are lost while not in use, protecting them from dirt and damage during transport.

The Acme earphones are placed in the charging cradle for charging. the lid is closed and after only 30 minutes, they should be ready for a two-hour musical enjoyment, promises the manufacturer. The charging can be repeated twice with one charge of the Case. Overall, six hours of music should be heard, but of course not in one go. The AirPods run on a single charge for about 4.5 hours.

The charging cradle can also be used as a power bank for other devices. The case itself is powered by micro-USB with power. LEDs inform about the current charging status. If the earbuds are not connected via Bluetooth for more than 10 minutes, they automatically switch off.

Each of the two earbuds is equipped with a button that controls the various applications. LEDs inform about pairing status, battery, etc. The pair of earplugs connect to each other automatically.

The left earphone is the primary one and is then connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Volume control and track selection can be controlled from both earphones while a call is received from the left earphone or redial is triggered. A microphone for hands-free telephoning over the headphones is also installed.

The Acme BH406 are now available for about 50 Euro.

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