BMW will launch a wireless charging system for electric vehicles


In the not-too-distant future, electric vehicle owners will be able to increase their autonomy by simply stationing in a parking space equipped with a wireless charging system

Successfully used to charge mobile devices, wireless charging technology will soon be available for electric vehicles as well, offering an alternative to using the power cord

Prepared by BMW, the first inductive charging station for cars will be officially available as of July this year and will work with several hybrid vehicles delivered by the company.

The cost of this technology has not been revealed but the first customer, the BMW 530w iPerformance, will have a charging time of only 3 and a half hours, the power of 3.2 KWhr transmitted in wireless mode being comparable to a conventional fast charging system. Moreover, the vehicle with an autonomous navigation system will be able to discover the spaces provided with wireless charging stations and the optimal efficiency of the energy transfer

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