Bodies left in space could give birth to life on another planet


The chances that an astronaut's body will remain in space after dying in the near future are growing after space agents and private companies have announced missions for years to come. A biologist thinks that the dead body should be left there because it can give birth to life on another planet. At this moment, officially, no human or animal body inanimate is in space.

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Gary King, a biologist specialized in microbial organisms at Louisiana State University, believes that certain particles in a body can survive even in an environment hostile to life. These microbes could give birth to life forms. "We've pulled out microbes from permafrost and we're talking about organisms that survived a million years of suspended animation," King told Astrobiology Magazine.

If the body is in the vicinity of a nearby planet like Mars, the microbes will surely survive the journey there. However, the conservation of a corpse depends on how well protected it is and how long it is in space. Moreover, its space suit must be very solid to not burn at the entrance to the atmosphere of a planet.

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