An explosion, followed by a small fire and a drowning smoke, led to the evacuation and temporary closure of the Apple Store in Amsterdam

According to the investigations, an iPad whose battery burst spontaneously. Fortunately, store employees quickly isolated the affected device in a metal container, thus preventing a fire or injuring others. However, three of the employees who inhaled the released gases needed medical attention after accusing their respiratory problems.

Because the smoke released by the perforated Li-ion battery it is toxic, the store was temporarily shut down by the on-site firefighters to allow a complete ventilation of the enclosure.

Unrelated to the incident, Apple is carrying out an ample replacement campaign for iPhones past " the first young ", the company wanting to prevent the escalation of a very damaging scandal for its brand image. Specifically, independent investigations have shown that Apple has intentionally reduced the performance of devices older than a few months in an attempt to mask the symptoms of aging batteries that no longer comply with official specifications, thus avoiding a costly campaign to replace them under warranty

Apple recommends users only to use authorized service centers to replace faulty batteries. As for the incident reported in the Apple Store, it falls into the category of unfortunate accidents, and investigations are unlikely to impose any concrete action on the affected iPad

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