Bookeen Cybook Muse FrontLight2 – Impressions of the improved version of an eBook reader very good

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For a few days I have the Bookeen Cybook Muse FrontLight2 eBook Reader. I wanted this model because I greatly appreciated the first edition of the device, which I had the opportunity to test it out last year.

FrontLight2 replaces the FrontLight model in the Bookeen portfolio and comes with some improvements. However, the differences are not big enough to make a detailed review of the new model.

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The Boo Reader operating system is, as far as I can see, unchanged. Moreover, FrontLight2 has identical dimensions (155 x 116 x 8 mm) with its predecessor. That's why the protective covers available on the market for the older model also fit perfectly on the current device. Personally, I opted for an original Bookeen Cybook Muse – NoirDuo, which costs quite a lot (130 lei) but is comfortable and the quality of the materials from which it is built is very good

The Cybook Muse FrontLight2 has more RAM (512 MB vs 256 MB) and higher internal storage capacity (8 GB vs 4 GB) than the previous version of the most popular e-book reader in the company's portfolio. Therefore, it is significantly faster in daily use. Thus, using the dedicated keyboard does not seem a difficult task anymore, as orders are picked up much faster. The processor is the same model (Cortex A8 1 GHz).

What's still missing from this eBook reader is support for a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. At this time, the main way to add books and other types of documents is by connecting your device to your computer. Books can also be downloaded from the Bookeen Store dedicated store, but it is dominated by French titles. Like the previous model, FrontLight2 is offered with preloaded electronic books in several languages. These include masterpieces of universal literature. Many of them are available in English

It should be noted that this e-book is still not compatible with the MOBI format. Otherwise, read almost any other format you use, including popular ones such as EPUB, PDF, TXT, DJVU and FB2. The E-reader also displays many image formats including: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO, TIF and PSD

The battery has the same capacity as the Cybook Muse FrontLight – 1,900 mAh. Autonomy remained unchanged. With the brightness set to 16 out of 20 and after a few hours of reading a day, the battery lasts for more than a week.

Bookeen does not offer a device charger, but just a data cable. However, any phone adapter can be used

I still think this is one of the best e-book readers as a price-quality ratio, and the compact size that does not sacrifice the size of the display makes it easy to carry anywhere.

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