By right: what has the ODR platform ever done for us?

The EU has been offering the ODR platform for dispute settlement between businesses and consumers for some time now, and if you have not heard of it as a consumer, it's an aha moment, but those entrepreneurs who Online "also try, but not since the mother's milk, rub his eyes in wonder." Lawyer Stephan Dirks tells the story for Mac Life from the Abmahnindustrie, which in this case has chosen to alert the ODR for online services to the new playground.

You probably know this video: The British Prime Minister, played by the great Sir Patrick Stewart, in the midst of his cabinet colleagues, takes a seat to dwell on the EU and the Convention on Human Rights. If you do not know the video, you can have a look at it here.

Dare be he, the Prime Minister, there to defend the interests of the British To defend empires and not to be taken away from any continental European sock dolls. But the Suada against Europe is countered by an eloquent staff who point out point by point that the thing with this Europe really is not so bad. In the end, Europe will be victorious, and the bitter prime minister will only have a resigned-defiant "Oh, fuck off!".

It is undeniable: we need a common Europe more than ever. For world peace, for example. But also to encourage corporations like Apple to do their part for the common good. But first, the EU is addressing more important issues.

The Dispute Resolution Platform

The EU Commission operates an online dispute resolution platform between consumers and entrepreneurs. You know, if something goes wrong when buying online. As? Did not you know? Hard to believe, because every online retailer in the European Union who offers his products or services on the Internet must point out that it is this platform - in English: "Online Dispute Resolution Platform" or "ODR Platform" gives. With link. And the link is:

If you were an entrepreneur for, say: any services around the devices with the apple on it, that would be you certainly not escaped. If you had failed to refer to the "ODR platform" in the imprint of your ebay shop or on Amazon or wherever you offer their services online, you would have a friendly competitor within a very short time with the help of a completely overqualified, but possibly underemployed lawyers are cautioned against offering online services to consumers without reference to the ODR platform. The friendly note would also include the request to submit a cease and desist and to pay opposing attorneys' fees. In this way, the link to the ODR platform is burning forever for many business people.

And for "good" reason. For in the event that the entrepreneur very well had knowledge of the platform and has pointed to this by naming their Internet address, but failed to present the note as a clickable link - even in this case, the over-qualified, but - probably chronic - underemployed colleague flux to the site, in order to give a friendly note in this respect.

And as if the absurd warning because of any lack of HTML tags not already binds enough manpower and destroys money, you have at the European Commission Considered that one could change the Internet address of the ODR platform without notice slightly, so that all brave entrepreneurs, who strove to the correct linking of the important platform if necessary at the price of a contractual penalty, committed now again a bad competition offense. Without you being able to do anything for it, of course.

So the ODR platform is almost unknown to you, dear consumers, it does not dispute any disputes, it just creates them and makes a lot of work with friends the well-groomed lawyer rip-off. I'm a lawyer, but I can not explain it to you. But I'm afraid that by the time the European Union makes world peace, it will take a while.

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Stephan Dirks is a lawyer and specialist lawyer for copyright and media law in the law firm Dirks, based in Hamburg and Kiel. He also represents clients in the areas of trademark law, data protection law, competition law and the related fields of law. He also works as a writer and lecturer for newspapers and magazines in these fields. 

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