Cablewings: Cable management for Apple’s USB-C chargers is here

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Cablewings are small plastic parts that are attached to a current Apple power supply for the MacBook Pro. They have small spikes that can hold a power cord when wrapped around the power supply with the cablewings plugged in.

The cablewings are compatible with Apple’s USB-C power supplies for all MacBook models 2015 and 2016 and later, and they also work with Apple’s iPad and iPhone chargers, the manufacturer said. This one lacked cable management from the beginning.

The product is inspired by Apple’s older Mac power supplies, which were equipped with fold-out cable holders. Apple’s latest USB-C power supplies for MacBooks no longer have this feature because the power cord is no longer attached to the charger. But it is certainly very convenient to be able to continue to wrap it around the power supply – because you will not forget the USB-C cable so fast.

Unlike cable management systems from Apple, the Cablewings cable is attached along the length of the charger and requires less space in the pocket. If the cable is rolled up practically across the broadside of the charger, the notebook or smartphone can be charged, even if the cable was only partially unrolled, according to the manufacturer.

Cablewings are therefore for travelers and people interesting, which often use the notebook on business. The product was recently awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2018.

A Cablewing costs 15 euros, two 25 euros. Delivery is scheduled for June 2018.

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