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Cacaoweb Free Download It is sometimes irritating that the video we watch in streaming stops at once while we were in it. To prevent this problem from happening again, software like Cacaoweb must intervene.

The videos, or more precisely the movies broadcast on Megavideo, stop after 72 minutes. But we usually want to watch the movie until the end. To remedy this, it is necessary to use Cacaoweb, a software that serves to remove this limitation of broadcast to 72 minutes. It is actually an extension to remove the time limitation on Megavideo. Therefore, the user will no longer have to fear any stoppage of the film. The application works with the most used browsers namely Firefox , Internet Explorer , or Google Chrome . This makes it much more convenient since the user can watch the movies on the browser he wants, Cacaoweb always being compatible. In addition, it is in the form of a standard executable file. Once installed, it acts immediately by opening in a new page the streaming video that you want to watch. It should be noted that for the broadcast of the video concerned, Cacaoweb uses its own reader.

Key Features

  • Watch in stream: with this tool, you can easily enjoy a good quality of all your videos in HD quality streaming. This spares users of all complicated trouble of having to use an external video application.
  • File management: after installing Cacaoweb on your computer system, you have to go to « Uploads interface » and start managing all your video files. There, you can categorize your files depending on their genre, author and/or date.
  • Database: the application offers a direct link to where users can select and directly watch their videos without disruption. You will find several categories: films, soap opera, Mangas, and forums.
  • Compatibility: Cacaoweb works with most popular browsers namely Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome. And it is making it much more convenient because the user can watch movies on the browsers of his/her choice. In addition, it takes the form of an executable classic file.

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