California will enforce right to repair

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Even if the law If it is intended only for California, it could have far more impact than one might initially expect. According to Representative Susan Talamantes Eggman, the “Right to Repair Act” in California is designed to give customers the opportunity to decide for themselves when and where the broken device is repaired. Attorney Kit Walsh of the Electronic Frontier Foundation also believes the bill is just for smaller independent repair shops and will allow for better competition in the competitive market, which is currently dominated by smartphone makers. At the same time the service should be improved and the prices lowered.

In addition to California 17 other states to work on similar laws. In several states, such laws were introduced last year, and the recent debate over iPhone throttling has now spurred other states to legislate for the right to repair.

There is one in both the US and this country Repair without warranty loss not easy. For example, Apple may give you the option of sending in your defective device, having it repaired at an Apple Store, or an authorized service provider, in order to not void the warranty. For repairs on your own, there are next to the loss of warranty further problems, because Apple sets here on the one hand on special tools and on the other side many components glued together. In most cases you should therefore visit a specialist workshop.

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