Calling Calendars in Terminal on Mac – how it works


Apple already equips its mobile devices with great calendar apps that already have a wealth of features. It did not leave the Californian enterprise at least under macOS 10.13 (also in older versions) and donated the terminal App its own simple calendar. We'll show you how to access the calendar via the Terminal App

How to Access a Calendar Using the Terminal App

First, open the Finder and click the Applications folder in the sidebar, then select the Utilities subfolder, and then open the Terminal App Alternatively, you can press Command + Cmd + Space on your keyboard to open the Spotlight search box App arrived in the Terminal App, enter "cal (month) (year)" (without quotation marks) to get a monthly overview for the month you entered in the year. For example, this may be "cal 10 2088" to see October 2088.

You can also omit the month to see an annual summary. By the way, you can move in a period between the year 1 and the year 9999. Especially if you want to look up data in the distant future or the past, the terminal calendar can be extremely helpful and even get you to your destination faster than the competition.

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