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Just Mobile has introduced the ShutterGrip, a smart phone clip holder that gives it an ergonomic handle. This is how photography and filming should become easier. The removable Bluetooth remote also acts as a wireless trigger for group photos and self-timer.
"More and more people are just using their smartphones to take pictures in everyday life, and ShutterGrip gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy stable and creative photos on the go says Erich Huang, founder of Just Mobile. "ShutterGrip meets the needs of smartphone users taking photos."

The ShutterGrip is adapted to the palm of the hand and provides a safe and easy-to-handle handle, the developer says, and the handle also prevents accidental camera shake when trying to hit screen buttons with your fingers.

ShutterGrip is easy to attach to the phone, The device connects via Bluetooth with the smartphone to activate its trigger.

The handle can of course also be used as a remote trigger.The range is about 10 meters The ShutterGrip is largely compatible with the latest iPhones and Android smartphones.

ShutterGrip is using crowdfunding campaigns, including through Kickstar funded. Just Mobile wants to deliver the device in February for around 40 euros and sell quite regularly - a participation on Kickstarter is no longer necessary.

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