Camera: This has the Galaxy S9 ahead of the iPhone X

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The teardown of iFixit shows how the variable aperture of the Galaxy S9 works, and the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has recently destroyed the new Samsung Galaxy S9 or better says “ventured a deep look into it” and allows a look at the camera hardware of the new smartphone.

The optical image stabilization system works like the iPhone X with a complicated magnet arrangement that can move the lenses. The most fascinating features of the smartphone is the variable aperture. It lacks the iPhone X.

It turns out that the system works with a small lever on the side of the case. So, if the electronics detects that there is enough light, this switch will flip over electronically and provide another aperture in front of the sensor. So you can switch between f1.5 and f / 2.4. A variable aperture in the vast majority of lenses, however, is not. The aperture also consists of only two elements and not, as with normal lenses, seven or more aperture blades.

The camera’s two apertures are designed to help shed more light on the sensor in certain situations. This allows lower photosensitivity and less noisy images. Whether this really leads to better photos in reality remains to be seen.

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