Can a smartphone housing fight a very dangerous habit?

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Volkswagen, with the help of an advertiser, has launched a series of carcasses for smartphones that include metal recovered from cars that have been involved in road accidents.

"We believe that a phone housing made from damaged materials will make you think twice before taking the phone while you're driving," said Johan Karlson, brand manager at Volkswagen Stockholm.

According to the company, the risk of making a road accident is 23 times higher when you are writing on the phone while you're driving

For that campaign, the carmaker manufactured 153 smartphone cases. These are only available for the iPhone 8. The money collected from the sale of carcasses will be donated to Trafikskadefonden, which helps those who remain disabled due to serious road accidents. A case costs the equivalent of $ 70. All 153 units were handmade

Such campaigns are more than welcome in our country. Romania is, according to statistics, second in the European Union, after Bulgaria, in terms of the number of deaths in road accidents compared to 1 million inhabitants. Road police estimated two years ago that 20% of Romanian drivers entered the Internet on their smartphone while driving.

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