CarConnect now bookable for all users without telecom contract

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CarConnect offers the Customers more safety and Internet in the car: Current vehicle data is evaluated and reported damage or theft immediately via the iOS and Android app the car becomes a rolling hotspot – thanks to EU roaming also abroad.

With the help of the CarConnect adapter, which is plugged into the ODB-2 interface, which owns cars from model year 2006 and become the smartphone app Cars are made into networked vehicles.

CarConnect evaluates vehicle data such as battery level and error codes and notifies users in the event of theft or stammering. In addition, routes can be tracked in real time via the app.

The CarConnect adapter contains a SIM card that also becomes a WLAN hotspot with the adapter. Up to five devices can be connected to the Internet via the adapter at the same time.

The opening of the offer for Telekom new customers also benefits operators of small vehicle fleets, such as companies with company cars, car-sharing providers or taxi companies. Thanks to CarConnect, they can keep an eye on up to 24 cars networked via an adapter via the same app.

From now on, Telekom new customers also have the option of using CarConnect. The CarConnect adapter is now available until 16 May 2018 at a special price of 1, – Euro in all Telekom shops or online. After May 16, the adapter costs € 49.95.

The CarConnect Card or the CarConnect Card Business will cost € 9.95 per month by June 30, 2018, and will cost 5 GB of data across Europe at a speed of up to 100 Mbps. After the promotional period, the CarConnect Card and the CarConnect Card Business will cost you € 14.95 per month.

Whether your car is compatible with CarConnect can be checked online.

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