At a glance, the Galaxy Note9 does not look much different than the predecessor Note8 nor the Galaxy S9 + alternative, delivered without the S Pen accessory. However, Samsung has added many new features to the Note9 model, and the hardware differences, though invisible from the outside, are quite large. Disassembled just one day

                                                                                 The procedure is not new, as doctors have been using a mixture of brewer's yeast and bread for years to assess the daily exposure to radiation when working in contaminated areas. The concept of was improved by Purdue University researchers who created a test of the size of a stamp that can be activated

                                                                                 Galaxy Note9 Galaxy Note9 Galaxy Note9 Galaxy Note9 Galaxy Note9 and set a benchmark for the rest of the smartphone market, impressing through the performance level and facilities. Revealed at a press event held in New York, Galaxy Note9 will arrive on the shelves of stores in the United States and Europe as of

                                                                                 Huawei seems to use the endurance and battery capacity as a strong point in promoting Mate 20 Pro by sending a press release to a press agency, accompanied by a Power Bank uses the current P10 Plus, Mate 10 Pro and P20 Pro models, suggesting that the battery chosen for the Huawei Mate 20

                                                                                 Google Chrome will now be able to upgrade Chrome for Windows 10 with support for the new features of the Creators Update version released by Microsoft this spring. display notification messages using native support provided by Windows 10. Alerts issued through Windows 10 Action Center appear in the sidebar displayed to the right of

  Apple has now announced that iOS and macOS apps will soon be removed from the iTunes affiliate program, making it impossible for sites to link app offerings, for example Of course, this does not only apply to websites, but also to app developers who promote their apps via their own website and soon give

  WhatsApp is said to be This will not only include a business chat, but also advertisements could soon be part of everyday life.As the company now announced, it already tests several ways to compensate for the dropped annual fee of 0.99. euros as 1.5 billion users, the “financial hole” is by no means insignificant.