BlackView BV5800 Price Specs Review And Unboxing video

BlackView BV5800 Price Specs Review And Unboxing video. Very different from regular glass-covered phones and delicate finishes, the BlackView BV5800 puts the physical strength and battery life first, being an ideal smartphone for the passionate sports and craftsmen who need a smartphone that can be held in the same pocket with the screwdriver or adjustable

Samsung Galaxy Note9 review

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review Specs, Features, If there is a product that Samsung is most proud of every year, it is certainly the latest Galaxy Note. This series of smartphones has succeeded in changing the entire mobile device industry, pushing the limits of smartphone sizes and capabilities every year, and the new Galaxy Note9

Best extensions for Chrome and Safari

Plug-ins, Extensions, Add-ons: Extensions provide many new features to browsers. We’ll regularly introduce you to the most useful, fun, or just the funniest add-on tools for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Fillr Fillr is also available as an iPhone and iPad app, Safari and Firefox versions are in the works. (Picture: Screenshot) Nearly every common web

In the case of the premium cork case made by hardwrk, nature meets technology. This unusual iPhone case can transform a commercially available iPhone into a unique piece – also because when looking closely, no copy of this case resembles another one. Over this weekend, you can save 5 euros on purchase. The hardwrk premium

Presented at this year’s Computex exhibition, Cooler Master has unveiled one of the most compact mechanical keyboards on the market with RGB illumination and wireless connection Expected in the final form by the end of this year, the CK620 is small enough to fit into small luggage, while offering uncompromising experience. The product uses Cherry

WhatsApp Weather Forecast: Messenger Makes Weather App Superfluous

The popular Messenger WhatsApp is not only ideal for chatting with friends, but also tells you thanks to the provider WeatherOnline every day the current weather, the weather forecast for the next day and Weather alerts in your area. We tried the feature and show you step by step how to set it up. WhatsApp

HomePod Under Test. This week, Apple’s Smart Speaker comes on the market. After a few first short hearing tests, the comprehensive reviews of journalist colleagues from the USA, Great Britain and Australia now follow. Because there the device is initially offered. We prepare the quintessence of the test reports for you. Apparently, everyone agrees that