Chinese censorship for iOS affects iPhone sold in other countries in the world

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In the last period we have encountered several text messaging "attacks" that cause problems with the iOS operating system, but the latest one is the only one that seems to have been deliberately done. It seems that the need to censor certain words or symbols in China led to a software bug that stopped any application using a certain emoji character, even applications that did not use the character if they were receiving a message in another application with it .

China is probably the most important market for Apple at this time, and the company is trying to do its best to thank the Chinese government. Thus, the company complies with all the rules and requirements of the Chinese such as moving user information from China to servers across the country, and removing VPN applications that would give iPhone users access to the uncensored Internet

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The censorship has come so far that the Chinese government has asked Apple to remove the emoji icon describing the Taiwanese flag this character being completely absent from the emoji list in China, and receiving it displaying the symbol for "invalid character" . It seems, however, that the piece of code written specifically for this censorship was not perfect, and could affect phones from other regions like Taiwan. Thus, any attempt to send a message with this character, or any attempt to read a similar message, led to the closure of the application.

Not many devices have been affected by this issue . It appears to be based on your location and language settings. Meanwhile, Apple has fixed the issue with a software update: iOS 11.4.1 describing it as a "denial of service attack". This bug was first identified by Patrick Wardle, the founder of Digita Security security company and "professional hacker," when a Taiwanese friend complained that his phone was "broken" by Chinese hackers because he can no longer use emoji with the flag of the country.

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