Chinese companies equip employees with headphones that read brain waves


According to a recent report, Chinese organizations use special headphones to monitor brain activity to reduce stress, manipulate breaks, and eventually increase productivity

According to Discovery employers monitor employees' brain waves on a huge scale in China. Sensors hidden in work headphones constantly monitor and collect data about the employee's brain activity. These are then sent to a computer where artificial intelligence notices that there are emotional thresholds such as depression, anxiety or anger

A Hangzhou Electricity Generation Company is among the many companies that are based on employee brainwave monitoring. And this seems to work, the 40,000 employees of the company manage to feed all of the Hangzhou dwellings and companies.

"There is no doubt about the effects," said Cheng Jingzhou, the program monitor. According to him, the company's profit increased by $ 315 million since the 2014 program implementation.

According to Jin Jia, a professor at Ningbo University, says the program detects when the employee is extremely emotional. "When the system issues a warning, the manager asks the employee to take a day off or assigns other less demanding positions," Jin Jia said.

Deayea's Shanghai company also said it placed sensors in the train casualty casket. They measure fatigue or distraction with 90% accuracy.

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