Chinese Response to Apple AirPods Headphones

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OPPO has amazed us all with its new model, Find X, a million-dollar premium smartphone that has managed to outperform anything the top makers have done over the past few years. It seems, however, that the company's ambitions do not stop here. In addition to Find X, OPPO prepares a pair of wireless headphones called O-Fee, which will compete directly with Apple's AirPods and similar models from other companies. Oppo's advantage will be the price.

O-Free headphones are not something that is not really great. We have "true wireless" headphones on the market for a long time, Apple is already preparing new models with improved features. What separates the OPPO from the rest of the models is a new Qualcomm chipset: QCC3026. This will provide 50% less energy consumption while delivering similar performance to previous models

Thus, high-quality audio playback through the Bluetooth aptX standard does not disappear, while the headphone's headphone output increases to 4 hours for each headset. The box in which the headphones can be stored provides two more full loads for them, providing a total of 12 hours of use for a single charge

All of the QCC3026 chipset also provides the low price of only 699 yuan in China, or around US $ 110. O-Free headphones are just the first to benefit from it, but by the end of the year, Qualcomm says we will see alternatives from other manufacturers as well. The company hopes the new chipset will give manufacturers the ability to integrate wireless headphones into the phone package to replace the classic wired headset

O-Free will be delivered in Find X's Lamborghini Edition package in a carbon-inspired color design inspired by the design of the phone. Those who buy Find X in the "normal" version will be able to buy the headphones separately, in red or blue accents, to suit the design of the phone. The launch of OPPO's O-Free headphones is expected in August, when it comes to stores and Find X.

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