CHIP Updater: Program updates made easy

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Always safe and always up to date

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Keep your computer up-to-date: never miss a feature, stay up-to-date and always safe. The CHIP Updater will automatically find the latest updates and bug fixes for your installed software.

Nothing makes a system sweat so much as outdated programs: with the brand new CHIP Updater you control it, Close dangerous security holes and get cool new software features as first.

The free tool scans the PC fully automatically, recognizes the version number of the programs installed on your computer or laptop and then compares them with the constantly updated CHIP download archive.

If the CHIP Updater finds recommendable new versions, you will be guided directly to the download page via a link and can download the program safely and free of charge from CHIP.

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CHIP Updater: First choice

Why should you Use CHIP Updater? Unlike other download updaters, behind the software detection is the huge CHIP download archive, which always lists available, German-language downloads. You save yourself the annoying, manual update search on the net. All you have to do to use the CHIP Updater: register yourself once in the program by e-mail.

The CHIP Updater gives you as a user complete control in the update process. The software only helps you to identify a possible update and shows you the way to a secure download on CHIP. The software will not force you to update, but you can decide for yourself if and when you want to download and install the new software. But there is also software that can update itself automatically. The CHIP Updater will inform you in this case. You can either search for updates in the program or download the update via CHIP. Should an update be charged to the manufacturer, you will also be notified.

            Update notification: If an update is available, the CHIP Updater will contact you.

Program Detection: Help Us

Nobody is perfect – but we're working on it. Help us to perfect the detection of software in our CHIP Updater.

It may happen that the CHIP Updater does not find your installed program in the database of CHIP. There are thousands of programs in our database which can not always be correctly assigned by machine. That is why we rely on your help: If the program does not find an entry on CHIP, the chain link symbol appears. By clicking on it, the program will automatically search for suitable matches in CHIP. Mark the right tool here! In the future, the program will be properly linked to you and other users.

            Help us: Enter missing links in the program.

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