Chrome browser gets new interface

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Google is testing a new version of the Chrome browser interface. Inspired by the Material Design concept, the new interface already available in the Canary Edition features features similar to those seen in the latest desktop Gmail and the Android P beta version

Changes include a new tab tab, Omnibox box with rounded edges, and an egg location of the Profile button

By far, the user of the most changes, the new Tab Bar adopts a form of less pronounced tabs that better integrates with the shape of the visible window in the background. Left without the parallelogram shape, the tabs resemble those in the Firefox browser. Moreover, when we open a single tab, it does not take the characteristic form, filling the entire space available in the tab bar.

The new Omnibox has rounded corners and replaces the drop-down list now shown when typing web addresses with a new type of floating window that appears to emerge from the Omnibox

The Profile button, which appears with the user name label in the top right corner of the application window, now also shows the profile picture

The design presented in the latest edition of the Canary Chrome could also be modified before its final debut, in response to user feedback. Those who want to test the new Google Chrome interface should know that the Canary edition is less stable than the Chrome Beta version, and its use as the main browser is not recommended

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