Chrome will block the installation of extensions that do not come from the official Chrome Web Store store

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Despite the stricter rules imposed by Google, Chrome extensions remain one of the most common sources of malware, and many users are convinced to install web browser extensions even while visiting various sites

Starting from the premise that Chrome users are cautious to install extensions only from the official Web Store, Google has long neglected a security issue as clearly as possible. As a matter of fact, Google has allowed users to "repair" a compromised Chrome installation with abusive extensions, but the options in the Reset and clean up section of the Settings menu do not solve the problem: inexperienced users will continue to install Chrome extensions from unsafe sources

A similar situation is also found in the Android application ecosystem, where, although there is a relatively safe source of applications (Google Play Store), many users are endangering their devices by installing applications from unofficial sources, often proposed by websites visit them.

In the case of Google Chrome extensions, the solution found is to disable the installation support directly from the web browser. Instead, all Chrome extensions will redirect to the official Web Store in the Chrome Web Store, and installation can continue only if they have been approved by Google. The change already made in the latest version of Chrome will be followed in September by the complete removal of the Inline install API, making it impossible to package extensions for offline installation

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