Genghis Khan returns

Look forward to nine new leaders and eight new civilizations in Civilization VI's Rise and Fall expansion. Among them you will find fan favorites such as the Zulu leader Shaka and the Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan. Included in Civilization for the first time are Queen Seondeok of Korea and Robert I of Scotland.

Hightlights of Civilization VI: Rise to Fall

Among the highlights of the new expansion are historical moments (or Ages) that evolve depending on your actions in the game and then provide appropriate challenges or bonuses.

Also new is an extended loyalty system. Cities are differently loyal to you. If loyalty goes down, a city can even declare its independence, and so the structure of power in the environment may be changed, as in dominoes. Recruiting, improving, and deploying the new governors to strengthen loyalty in the cities.

These are just a few of the new additions to the expansion. For more details, see the info text in the Mac App Store or on Steam.

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            Civilization VIDeveloper: Aspyr Media (iDP)

Khmer and Indonesia since January

In mid-January, there was also a new expansion that expanded the content and strategy of the gameplay. Since then, they have also been able to play the Khmer people or embrace the civilization of Indonesia and lead them to world fame.

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