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For the tenth anniversary, the maintenance program CleanMyMac X by MacPaw comes in a new version. Included are new features that are even easier to use to rid the Mac of the superfluous. CleanMyMac takes a look at applications such as Apple Mail, iTunes, and Photos and removes old downloads, obsolete cache files, and optimizes the Mac operating system with updates and malware protection.

The CleanMyMac program is included in the set of utilities , The application analyzes your Mac for unnecessary system files and unnecessary parts of programs that have not been on your Mac for some time, as well as orphaned cache files and email attachments. Now there is a new version 4.0, which are called by the manufacturer CleanMyMac X.

The new main window of CleanMyMac X makes it even easier to track down redundant files and obsolete cache data, as well as remnants of long-erased programs, and to recycle the space they occupy for digital recycling. In the new version, the scanning process works three times faster than with CleanMyMac 3. Within a short time, the cleaning software analyzes useless files, identifies potential threats and activates system-specific routines that optimize the operating system.

During the first scan, the utility will find more, of course, than during further traversal. CleanMyMac also looks with a mouse click in programs such as Apple Mail, iTunes and photos. There are downloads, cache data and copies of edited images, which can be cleaned up with the next mouse click. The cleaning routine also includes checking for malware. For example, MacPaw’s regularly updated database includes spyware and miners of crypto currencies, which you can remove instantly with CleanMyMac X to protect your Mac. The final step of the basic cleanup is to run the macOS root routine. As a Unix system, the Mac OS optimizes log files and summarizes them.

Not to mention the new menu widget of CleanMyMac. In the menu bar, the utility informs about free space and network speed.

Of course, the savvy user does not need an extra cleanup utility on the Mac. Most functions are accessible in the respective program. Mail can be used to resolve links to e-mail attachments. For iTunes, create the library again. Photos have their own command to remove deleted images. Big and older files can also be found in the Finder. However, the gain in comfort with CleanMyMac X should not be underestimated. For iTunes, the utility not only optimizes broken downloads and the iTunes cache. Manage iOS software restores and device backups that are no longer in use. In addition, CleanMyMac finds in a central location all available updates of the installed programs, even if they are not from the Mac App Store. In addition, the cleaning system routines can also be called individually.

In preparation for the upcoming macOS Mojave v10.14, CleanMyMac X has an important function. In the “Uninstall” section, the cleanup app shows all 32-bit apps on your Mac at a glance. As you know, these are not officially supported once they get this update from Apple.


At first glance, CleanMyMac X is a simple box: Click twice and a few gigabytes magically disappear from the hard drive. The strengths of the maintenance program, however, come to mind at a glance, for example in the protection against malware and for the updates of all installed apps. In addition, the cleaning agent impresses with its depth of force: Detailed commands are available when you look for them, in one place. In this way, CleanMyMac X recommends – despite the relatively high prices – for all users who are looking for a clean solution for the care of the Mac system.

Who likes this?

Actually, you do not need a cleanup app on the Mac, but the summary of all maintenance functions can convince.

Product Data
Product Name CleanMyMac X
Manufacturer MacPaw
Price 89.95 €
Website https : //
  • Clean interface
  • Detailed Commands
  • Comparatively high price

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