Clear cache from Google Maps – how it works on iPhone

Clear cache from Google Maps – how it works on iPhone

After letting you know just recently what the mysterious "tidying up" among the app icons is all about, we want to show you that on other things as well Ways to free up space again. The popular map app Google Maps is a very good example, because the app allows you to delete the cache, temporary data, offline maps and cookies on your own. Unfortunately, most other apps do not use this option.

How to Clear the Cache and Other Data in Google Maps on the iPhone

First, open Google Maps on your iPhone. In the app, tap on the icon with the three lines in the top left of the input bar to display additional functions.

Then select "Settings" from the menu. In the current version (4.44), tap on "Info, Privacy & Conditions" and then select "Delete App Data." A pop-up will appear by tapping "Delete all app data with a tap."

This means that offline maps, cache data and cookies are deleted or reset and the corresponding memory (often several hundreds of megabytes) is released again similar function not available.


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