CM 2018. The technology labels and gadgets that Cristiano Ronaldo promoted

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CM 2018. Cristiano Ronaldo's superstar earns a lot of money from the salary he receives from the football club he plays in this case Real Madrid. To this is added the huge sums obtained from sponsorships and the promotion of some products or brands

Ronaldo has promoted dozens of brands so far. Some of these are global, such as Samsung, and others such as Altice. The huge interest of CR7 companies can not brighten anyone. Portugal's star has hundreds of millions of fans on online social networking

Of the brands with which the footballer has associated his name, quite a few are from technology or from this sector. These include: Samsung, ZTE / Nubia, Altice / Optimum, TAG Heuer, MEO, Panzer Glass or Konami

Some of you may wonder why the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer TAG Heuer has been included in this list. For whom he does not know, the company also produces intelligent watches, including the Modular 45 Connected Full Diamonds, worth $ 197,000. This is the most expensive smartwatch in the world.

Altice is number two on the telecoms market in France, and Konami is a video game maker in Japan. Panzer Glass offers protection for phone screens, and MEO is a Portuguese conglomerate in the telecommunications field as well.

Ronaldo appeared in 2014 in a few commercials for Pao, a bizarre Japanese gadget for the training of the facial muscles.

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The footballer also promoted SixPad, another dubious "Made in Japan" gadget, which promises to work the users' abdominal muscles and not just without too much effort on their part. Some users have said that this gadget is a "scam" that CR7 should not associate with. </p>
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