Coffee Lake-S, the new octa-core Intel processor for the LGA-1151 (Z390) platform, tested with the Cinebench benchmark

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Constrained by competition, Intel is preparing a refreshment of the Coffee Lake processor range, adding 8-core / 16-threaded designs compatible with the LGA-1151 mainstream

Although not expected early next year, new Coffee Lake-S processors already exist at the prototype stage and are distributed to OEM partners, indicating the possibility of an early launch, possibly even this autumn.

Labeled in the Cinebench benchmark at only 3.1 GHz and generic name, the tested model still obtained a 2212-point multi-core test, comparable to Core i9-7900X, the latter being a 10-core processor for LGA-2066 high-end platform. Therefore, if it's a Coffee Lake-S octa-core processor, then the measured performance can be explained by applying the overclocking process. Considering that the current generation of Coffee Lake Hex processors can easily achieve 5GHz overclocking, it is expected that new octa-core models will deliver similar results.

According to information from OEM partners, Intel will launch a new chipset and encourage the acquisition of other motherboards for the LGA-1151 platform, providing features such as standard Wi-Fi connectivity as well as improved I / O capabilities. It remains to be seen whether Intel will restrict the use of Coffee Lake-S processors with the new motherboards, or allow them to be used with today's motherboards as a result of a BIOS update

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