Collective Action: Apple Watch Displays Can Spontaneously Solve

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All Apple Watches of all sizes and variants, including the original, Series 1-, Ser ie-2 and Series 3 generations purchased in the US between April 2015 and today are said to have display issues. It could spontaneously disengage from the case, claimants claim, according to the court documents.

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The complaint, which was filed with the District Court in Northern California, alleges that Apple has millions of watches with the defect sold and “either knew or should have known” as far as display problems were concerned. Apple should have the error “actively hidden” and “not disclosed”. The complaint adds that Apple’s internal policy is “to deny the existence of the defect, to label the defect as a result of accidental injury caused by consumers, and then to refuse to comply with the limited warranty for these reasons”, which leads to it that customers are faced with expensive repairs or the replacement of their defective watches.

The complainants cite a handful of comments from Apple Support Communy, and similar complaints are also found in other forums such as those by Reddit. Apple has already confirmed problems with swollen batteries in select Original and Series 2 models that can cause the display to burst, and offers free repairs for up to three years after purchase.

Maclife is at least one Apple Watch Series 3, where a similar spontaneous detachment occurred.

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