Communicating silently with Siri: Writing instead of talking

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Are you embarrassed to talk to Siri in the office? Then just write it! We show you how this works in our workshop, step by step.

Editor’s Notes

Can not find Siri in the menu bar of your Mac? Then open the system settings: In the Siri settings, tick the box next to “Show Siri in the menu bar”.


It takes : About 10 minutes
You learn : How you can also ask Siri questions and orders in writing
You need : Operating System macOS 10.13 High Sierra

When Apple’s language assistant found her way from iOS to macOS, one of the key functions she needed in the café or office was missing: the ability to ask Siri questions without speaking to her. That’s exactly what is possible with macOS High Sierra. In this article, we’ll show you these and other features of Siri on the Mac.

First, make sure that Siri is also on. Open the Siri preferences in your Mac’s system settings and make sure “ask Siri” is checked. If you have not already done so, you will be asked to confirm the change. Click on the link to review the privacy policy. The feature requires access to your microphone, the location, and some other data to process your commands. If you agree, click Enable.

After activating Siri, the Voice Assistant will sign in the upper right corner of your Mac’s menu bar. If you now click on its icon, an input window opens with the Siri-typical audio wave, which signals that the language assistant is waiting for your input. However, you can also disable the menu item in the Siri Preferences. Here’s how to set the keyboard shortcut to activate Siri. [cmd]

The English Siri voice is supposed to sound more natural, but unfortunately the German voice still sounds very much like a computer. Siri is now linked to Apple Music. If you’ve subscribed to the music streaming service, you can control a huge library of titles, albums and playlists by voice.

Editor’s Notes

Just ask Siri, “What can I ask you?” To display various sample categories. You can also click on the question mark at the bottom left of the Siri window.

Editor’s Notes

The Siri window remains open for you to use. When you’re done or have accidentally called Siri, you do not have to move your mouse over the cross: just close Siri with the [Esc] key again.

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