Concept for iOS 12: Siri detects objects and gives information

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has been interested in AR and VR technologies for several years. Most recently, in iOS 11, he launched ARKit, the world’s largest AR platform, designed to make it easier for developers to develop AR apps. While this benefits the users, of course, Apple own applications – except for the document scanner in notes – guilty. Maybe this will change already with iOS 12. Apple is expected to introduce the new software at WWDC next week and focus on Siri.

The designer Michael Calcada has therefore created a clever concept that links Siri and the AR capability of iOS together. While Google and Samsung already offer AR solution that recognize objects, sights and the like, this is not the case with Apple. According to Calcada, Siri could jump in and show you valuable information about your environment in the Camera view. The potential options range from local store promotions and tourist attractions to current timetables that can be interactively displayed at each location.

Calcada goes one step further and integrates third-party providers in its concept, who can once again display further information. It is also interesting to recognize and automatically create new contacts by simply scanning the business card.

For more cool ideas for iOS, visit Michael Calcada’s website.

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