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Concept of Apple’s high-end headphones. Does this look like Apple’s upcoming high-end headphones? At least, “The Apple Post” has thought about what the product might look like. Unfortunately, the design idea is bumbled. It looks like the cheapest plastic and also copies a design from older Beats headphones.

Website Presents Concept

Apple Post has thought about how Apple could design a pair of high-end headphones. The frame and the shells for the membranes are colored white. At the height of the ears you can see an Apple logo. The frame shows a metallic border, in silver. The ear-lugs and the material on the temple, which rests on the head, look strangely ocher to light brown.

In fact, many Apple products use the color white. There used to be even more. The surface of the Magic Trackpad is white, the Ear and AirPods are white, Apple’s power supplies and cables are as well.

Design seems cheap

But the suggestion of The Apple Post is not very high quality , It is supposed to be a high-end headphones from Apple, which according to KGI Securities should come on the market in the autumn, driven by the experience with the speakers of the HomePod.

The metal edge of this Design suggestion looks like colored plastic. Generally, the product looks like cheap plastic. Even Beats headphones seem higher-quality compared to the Apple headphones on these images.

Design proposal copied by Beats

Which brings us to the topic. Because if you look closely at the design proposal from The Apple Post, you’ll recognize an older model of Beats headphones. It seems unlikely that Jony Ive and Co. are using a different design for their own new product. Accordingly, my conclusion is: Apple’s headphones will certainly not look that way.

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