Connect Steam Controller with iPhone – Here’s how

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Valve has been testing for several days now A new addition to the Steam Controller: With a beta of the Steam client, the controller can now also connect via Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) with other devices such as an iPhone or iPad, so this feature is back up to date, as the company next week will release the Steam Link app that turns your iOS device into a real gaming talent.
Valve announced that a Next week, Steam Link will also be available as an App on the App Store. Steam Link is currently being used to stream and play Steam games from your Mac (or PC) via Steam Link Box on your home network on a TV. The new app takes the concept to a new level and allows you to play complex games on your iPhone or iPad. Again, this only works in the same WLAN and requires a separate controller. Steam Link for iOS will also support MFi controllers like the Steel Series Nimbus. In addition, the Steam Controller will also be compatible. For this purpose, a beta was recently released for the Steam Client, which extends the controller with Bluetooth LE for use on iOS devices.

Enable Bluetooth LE on the Steam Controller – Here’s how

Step 1 : Launch Steam on your Mac

Step 2 : Click in the menu bar, click on “Steam> Preferences”

Step 3 : Select “Account” from the sidebar and then click on “Change” under “Betateilnahme”

Step 4 : Click the drop-down menu and then select “Steam Beta Update” before clicking “OK”

Step 5 : Start Steam

Step 6 : Connect your Steam Controller to your Mac by cable

Step 7 : Reopen Steam> Preferences “Via the menu bar

Step 8 : In the sidebar, select” Controller “a Click on “General Controller Settings”

Step 9 : Now select the Steam Controller and right click on “Bluetooth FW”

Step 10 : Install the firmware

Step 11 : Remove your controller from your Mac

Step 12 : Connect the controller to Your iOS device by putting it in pairing mode with the (Y) + Steam button.

Useful keyboard shortcuts for the Steam Controller

  • (Y) + Steam button: Enable Bluetooth LE pairing mode
  • (B) + Steam button: Enable Bluetooth LE
  • (X) + Steam Button: Pair Controller with New Receiver
  • (A) + Steam Button: Move Controller to Receiver Mode

Related Information You can also find the link to the official website (link).

           Product Note

SteelSeries 69070 Nimbus – Wireless Gaming Controller – Bluetooth – 12 Buttons – Rechargeable – iOS / Apple TV / iPad / iPhone / Mac – Black

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